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1 新台币 =
0.25 港元
2022年8月14日 · This is the Taiwan Dollar (TWD) to Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) exchange rate history summary page, detailing 180 days of TWD HKD historical data from Thursday ...
7小时前 · Below you can see the chart for the Hong Kong Dollar rate today compared to the Taiwan Dollar. 1 TWD = 0.2466 HKD. 1 Taiwan Dollar = 0.2466 Hong Kong Dollars.
1天前 · 輸入框轉換為左額港元. 使用“交換貨幣”,使新台幣默認貨幣。 點擊新台幣或港元之間的轉換,貨幣和所有其他貨幣。 選項. 圓對最小的貨幣單位。 不要環繞結果。 HKD, TWD.
7小时前 · The code for the Taiwan Dollar is TWD; The symbol for the Taiwan Dollar is NT$; The code for the Hong Kong Dollar is HKD; The symbol for the Hong Kong ...
What is currency code TWD?
The New Taiwan dollar (code: TWD; symbol: NT$, also abbreviated as NT) is the official currency of Taiwan. The New Taiwan dollar has been the currency of Taiwan since 1949, when it replaced the Old Taiwan dollar, at a rate of 40,000 old dollars per one new dollar.
Is HKD and CNY same?
Although Hong Kong is officially part of China, its currency is not the same. There's no need to change your home currency to Chinese yuan or renminbi, the Chinese currency in the mainland. Just convert to Hong Kong dollars instead.
How much is $100 US in HK?
Conversion rates US Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar
10 USD
78.49850 HKD
20 USD
156.99700 HKD
50 USD
392.49250 HKD
100 USD
784.98500 HKD
Does Hong Kong still use the Hong Kong dollar?
2小时前 · Latest Currency Exchange Rates: 1 Taiwan Dollar = 0.2472 Hong Kong Dollar ... On this page convert TWD to HKD using live currency rates as of 28/09/2022 16:30.
3天前 · Online calculator to convert money from New Taiwan dollar (TWD) to Hong Kong dollar (HKD) using up to date exchange rates. Source: free currency rates (FCR)
2021年11月27日 · TWD/HKD(TWDHKD=X),Yahoo奇摩股市提供您即時報價、個股走勢、成交資訊、當日籌碼,價量變化、個股相關新聞等即時資訊。
2022年8月22日 · TWD, HKD, TWD, HKD, TWD, HKD. 10, », 2.47, 150, », 37.00, 450, », 111.00. 20, », 4.93, 200, », 49.33, 500, », 123.34. 30, », 7.40, 250, », 61.67, 1,000 ...
5天前 · Convert Taiwanese Dollar(TWD) to Hong Kong Dollar(HKD) using the currency converter with the latest foreign exchange rates. · Today ( Monday 26/09/2022).
3天前 · · 换算新台币(TWD)到港元(HKD) · 货币换算器.